“Let’s Go! Living in the middle of a miracle” – It is happening RIGHT NOW!!! 

The Holy Spirit is ahead of us and we are trying to catch up. As we come out of May 21st united and committed as a family, the question so many people in our church will be asking is “I’m all in… now what?” This new series is us answering that question together. We’re going to walk through the book of Acts together and invite God to paint the irresistible picture of life as His Church. It’s not a distant story, it’s the miracle that the Holy Spirit did, has done since and is doing again here in us. As we all step into being Jesus’ church, we become the movement of God that makes Hell tremble, changes our world… and we believe will be the most fun, crazy party of an adventure we could imagine. This is going to the most fun we’ve ever had! It’s going to be incredible and we don’t want to miss the miracle we’re living in. Starts May 28th, and our whole teaching team is stepping in to lead the way. I can’t wait for this! Let’s go! Let’s make a mantra – we are being Jesus church – not going to church or waiting for church on the South hill to start.