Baptism has been commanded by Jesus himself (Matt.28.18-20), modeled by Jesus (Mark 1.9-11), and practiced by the church since it started 2000 years ago (Acts 2.37-41).  

Baptism has always been a first step in our obedient relationship with Jesus.  This step of obedience has always been a physical and spiritual moment symbolic of the work of God inside us as we put our faith in him.  Baptism is practiced with immediacy and urgency – setting a pattern for the rest of our lives – when Jesus speaks, we respond in faith and obedience.  

At Real Life we baptize people every time we gather as a church.  We would love to help answer questions, schedule your baptism, and celebrate what Jesus is doing in your life right now.  We will follow up with you as soon as we hear from you on this step of obedience to Jesus. To let us know, begin by filling out the form below and tell us a little of your own story!

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