What if you found out that your potential to make a significant impact in your world – with family, friends, at work, in your neighborhood, even in this world – doesn’t lay outside of you, out of your reach and left up to chance? What if you found out that God already placed it inside of you?

See, God has created us in such an incredible way, with so much potential impact, and if we are willing to walk in relationship with God and with each other, as we do our part to grow and pour ourselves out, God will use this potential and these gifts and stories and relationships to change your world, the world and impact eternity. God longs to AWAKEN all that He has placed inside of you and unleash you on the world right beside Jesus.

Join us as Real Life comes beside what God is already doing and intends to do in your life, in this church and in this city, to help AWAKEN and unleash His plan to save the world one person at a time.

RLM 101 is a 2-week class intended to help you determine if Real Life is a good fit for you and, if so, to make sure we are all headed in the same direction, committed to getting there the same way. We cover core beliefs, core values, our philosophy and approach, all centering on our belief that Jesus has called us to reach the world for Jesus, one person at a time, i.e. through relational discipleship.

Awaken My Relationships is a 2-week model group time to let you experience our groups and cover the group guidelines. It also will help you connect with other people and leaders to help you make an easy transition into one of our Connect Groups.

Awaken My Faith #1 is a 4-week class intended to help people who are new to pursuing Jesus or who want to rebuild the foundation of their faith with some of the basics of being a disciple of Jesus. We cover things like your identity in Christ, how to read and understand the Bible, some of the big questions we often struggle with at the beginning of faith and what works and doesn’t work when pursuing Jesus and living out your faith with other people.

Awaken My Faith #2 is a 4-week class intended to help you learn about and begin to engage in some of the spiritual habits that have been a part of Christianity from the beginning. We will be talking about prayer, Bible reading, Bible memorization, fasting, solitude, rest and several other key habits of healthy Christianity.

Awaken My Design #1 is a 2-week class intended to help you identify the basics of your personality using the DiSC assessment tool and how to make the most of that. We talk about the strengths, weakness, as well as some different ways to engage people with different personalities. We also will help you discover some of the gifts God has given you and how to use those for His glory.

Awaken My Design #2 is a 4-week class intended to help you develop a thought out and consistent view of who God is that impacts your daily living, helps you discover and write out what you value most in life and build a settled perspective about who you are and where and how you can be most effective.

Awaken My Story is a 2-week class intended to help you know and be able to simply share God’s story and how to think about and share your own story of pursuing Jesus.

Awaken My Marriage is a 2-week class intended as a simple tune-up for your already decent marriage. We take principles from a book on healthy marriage relationships and share them with you. *This class is not intended for marriages in distress or for only one partner to take.

Awaken My Parenting is a 2-week class intended as a simple tune-up for you as a parent. We take different principles for parenting with a Biblical perspective from books and experience and share them with you.

Awaken My Leadership is a 2-week class intended to help you form a Biblical view of servant leadership and help equip and launch you into leading in whatever capacity God is inviting and calling you into.

Awaken My Finances is a 9-week course intended to help you take control of your finances, so that money is a tool and not a weight around your neck. Our goal is to help you live free and to help you develop a lifestyle of generosity. This course is good no matter where you are beginning financially, from in trouble to doing well and everything in between.

Awaken My Healing is a 13-week class intended to help you work through the grief of losing a loved one. We do not approach this trying to help you get over it, but to work through it a place where you can have healing and joy even while continuing to remember and celebrate the life of the person you lost.